What are shurikans?

Shurikan stars are stars made by children from many schools and volunteers with the technique of origami with ecological paperwork of cotton, wool, coconut and natural fibers. Some contain seeds in chamomile so that they can be planted, to plant life in your garden and to investigate childhood cancer. Each star is unique, behind each star there is a story and a name the majority of stars belong to someone important who has helped in the fight against childhood cancer and have the right to have their own shurikan those who have small childhood cancer or juvenile and those children who have not been able to overcome the disease and accompany us from the stars.


The shurikan mats have a very special history that comes from Japan where origami was created


The ancient Japanese ninja warriors used "Shuriken" stars (手裏 剣) impregnated with chemical substances and threw them against the enemy to bring it down.


This star represents the desire of children and young people to improve the future. Made with ecological material and following the Japanese art of Origami, it represents the alarm with which children and youth fight one of their worst enemies: Child and youth cancer.


The solidarity obtained will go to the Hospital of Sant Joan de Déu to investigate new and better treatments against child and juvenile cancer.

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